Performance Enhancement Services

DaggerBoard Advisors combines primary research with practical expertise to help you capitalize on your market opportunities. We use business intelligence, practical analysis and "future think" to support your sales, marketing, financial growth and strategy development in a variety of ways that can be easily scaled to fit your budget and timetable. DaggerBoard provides a range of Performance Enhancement services that include high-value analysis and action-based recommendations with immediate impact.

Our Performance Enhancement services are tailored for work with Executive Management and Board of Directors, or to assist venture capital, private equity firms and angel investors with independent assessment.

These services include:

Market Assessment & Competitive Landscape Analysis     

Develop a complete view of the ecosystem (competitors, strategic partners, complementary offerings) and identify and reinforce the critical business and market dynamics that differentiate you from others.

Capital Strategy & Valuation Justification     

Provide assistance in developing realistic near- and long-term capitalization strategy that supports the business model and maximizes founder and investor equity holdings relative to industry norms and expected returns.

Fund Raising Preparation     

Build "investor ready" offering memorandum, supporting presentation materials and/or pitch content for a private placement, angel, venture financing round or expanded banking relationship.

Investment & Due Diligence Profiling     

Conduct a due diligence and operational assessment of potential software investments and acquisitions. Onsite assessment of employees, executives, and business model with a detailed data based report that highlights strengths, weaknesses and recommendations as to how to move forward.

Product & Go-to-Market Strategy     

Evaluation, validation, and quantification of your product offering, value proposition, pricing and sales, distribution and channel efforts within the markets you serve.

Financial Modeling     

Develop or refine 3-5 year financial models that enable you to clearly articulate the assumptions, revenue attainment, cost basis, organizational resources and key dependencies that are part of the go-to-market strategy and business plan.

Strategic Partner Alignment & Combination     

Complete an independent due diligence assessment of the ecosystem and potential business partners, acquisitions or potential suitors. Conduct a workshop and deliver materials that evaluate the potential fit and ranking of the alternatives.

Sales Process & Demand Creation Optimization     

Provide insight, education, process definition, tracking and compensation structure recommendations for repeatable, ROI driven lead and prospect generation.

International Sales Expansion     

Evaluate and implement international strategy, sales and marketing efforts to select and enter specific geographical markets with a direct, reseller or distributor presence.

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