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COMPANY NAME:   3E Company

DESCRIPTION:   3E Company is a venture backed company that provides a broad range of products and services for Chemical Regulatory Compliance.

CHALLENGE:   3E had acquired an independent software company that was encountering growing pains. CEO and investor team wanted an assessment of operations and review of the product line.

RESULTS:   Assessment of product management, software development, customer support and services. Reviewed product architecture and roadmap of future offerings. Developed a comprehensive set of strategic and operational recommendations approved by the BOD to streamline operations and improve performance.

BMS Practice Solutions     
"DaggerBoard Advisors worked closely with our Board and executive team to define our SaaS platform strategy. They carried the strategy to action and helped us find and select our CTO to carry the plan to action”

John Wallace, CEO

COMPANY NAME:   BMS Practice Solutions

DESCRIPTION:   BMS is the leading provider of Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) solutions tailored to the unique needs of the outpatient rehabilitation market.

CHALLENGE:   Needed to assess competitive landscape and define the long range SaaS product plan for growth.

RESULTS:   Performed ecosystem analysis and worked with executive team to define lomg range product roadmap. Subsequently helped screen and hore CTO to execute the plan complex and evolving healthcare regulations to outpatient rehabilitation practices across the nation.



DESCRIPTION:   Inuvo, Inc. (NYSE MKT: INUV) is an advertising technology business. With a set of technologies designed to connect advertisers (demand) with consumer audiences through publishers (supply) across device types. Inuvo has the ability to serve ads within content, video and images.

CHALLENGE:   Following the acquisition of NetSeer, Inuvo required sales and marketing integration services to assist the company in the joint sales and services delivery of the combined products.

RESULTS:   Conducted onsite meetings and worked with sales and deployment staff to ensure ongoing success following the acquisition.

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"DaggerBoard Advisors are true professionals. They ramped up quickly and were able to start work and add value immediately. Daggerboard helped add greater perspective and clarity to our new venture. The depth and knowledge of Daggerboard has allowed us to scale much quicker."

Kim Batcheler, Managing Director - Delta Technology & Software

COMPANY NAME:   Alliance One

DESCRIPTION:   $2B exporting company had developed a SaaS based regulatory compliance software solution for internal use.

CHALLENGE:   Needed a strategy and go-to-market plan for the business being considered as a spin out company.

RESULTS:   Performed core market research, competitive and ecosystem analyses, pricing and financial models. Gained approval from parent company and worked with executive team on launch of a new company, Delta Tech at an international industry event.

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"These are highly skilled software executives that are easy to work with. That sort of experience is hard to find and the results were impressive! In under 6 weeks, the DaggerBoard team created all the necessary materials for our funding process. They worked interactively with our team to quickly get a handle on our markets, from there they created the materials, and provided us with enlightening options and directions along the way. The deliverables they created were thorough and compelling - including a full business plan, detailed financial models, and investor slide decks."

Anthony Duca, Co-Founder & COO - Bunkspeed

COMPANY NAME:   Bunkspeed, Inc.

DESCRIPTION:   Privately owned developer of revolutionary 3-D rendering software.

CHALLENGE:   Develop strategy and operating plan for software company seeking to deploy SaaS solution as a down-market offering.

RESULTS:   Refined company positioning and revenue model to yield recurring revenue. Developed five year projections, financial model and investor materials that helped secure investor offering and strategic alternatives.

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"DaggerBoard jumped in mid-stream and helped us refine our new product plans and go to market strategy. They provided senior software insight and deep domain expertise in our market space. DaggerBoard is adept at prioritizing and confronting the most challenging business issues in a timely manner. They listen well, provide excellent input, and adjust to changing business conditions with ease. I wouldn't hesitate to use them again, and I strongly believe we will get an excellent return on our investment."

Paul Yantus, EVP - Captaris, Inc. (Nasdaq:CAPA, acq. by OTEX)

COMPANY NAME:   Captaris, Inc.

DESCRIPTION:   A $120M US publicly traded software company considering acquisition of $30M European software company.

CHALLENGE:   Provide assessment to BOD on the combination and operational assistance for new product offering in US market.

RESULTS:   Created new product offerings, multi-city launch program with Microsoft and implemented a reseller channel program. Delivered training to field operations and recruited key executive positions that enabled the company to move forward independently.

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"DaggerBoard's work will make a profound impact on our business. Their expertise has enabled us to identify and implement changes to support our growth and to maximize profits. Moreover, it has been a real pleasure to work with them. They did what they said they would do, when they said they would do it; and in this day and age you can't get much better than that."

Lester Knight, President/CEO - ConfirmNet Corporation (Acq Ebix)

COMPANY NAME:   ConfirmNet

DESCRIPTION:   Market leading SaaS based provider for issuing and tracking Certificate of Insurance (COI) to reduce clients risk and exposure.

CHALLENGE:   Legacy system and manual processes were inhibiting growth and limiting profits.

RESULTS:   Identified areas of optimization through business process re-engineering, and introduction of sophisticated technology and services leading to subsequent acquisition.

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"The true value of the DaggerBoard team is how they can apply their breath of experience into valuable service offerings both pre and post investment. For example, they assisted us with a thorough operational and technical review of a prospective investment which as a result of their diligence support we eventually closed. After the closing, we again retained their services for an interim senior sales and marketing capacity in order to expedite key initiatives such as channel development and senior team building."

Rob Wadsworth - HarbourVest Partners

COMPANY NAME:   HarbourVest Partners

DESCRIPTION:   Global multibillion dollar private equity firm.

CHALLENGE:   Considering investment in a fast growing consumer software company and needing assessment of company and market potential.

RESULTS:   Conducted extensive due diligence and operational assessment including review of key personnel, sales/marketing effectiveness and product development. Defined opportunities to accelerate growth. Based on our findings, a multi-million dollar investment was secured.

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COMPANY NAME:   Innovative Automation, Inc.

DESCRIPTION:   Warehouse Automation and Management software company.

CHALLENGE:   Company looking to move from a service driven custom development solution provider to a product company with a view to external funding.

RESULTS:   Developed pricing, revenue model, financial model and go-to-market strategy to support CEO funding preparation.

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"Working with DaggerBoard has been a great pleasure and honor. experienced tremendous growth over the last 3 years and as a company lead by young executives, we knew that help was needed. DaggerBoard has rigorously dissected our organization and begun implementing business processes that will lead us into the future with a clear road map to financial management, information technology, product development and human resources. The knowledge that Daggerboard possesses is immense and working with them is something I recommend strongly for ANY size company looking to take their business to the next level."

Jason Prescott, CEO -

COMPANY NAME:   JPC communications, Inc.

DESCRIPTION:   Early stage company with vertical search engine and directories for apparel and general merchandise.

CHALLENGE:   Outgrowing financial management and product development systems. Pursuing an international acquisition.

RESULTS:   Base-lined financials established budgeting and tracking systems. Defined a product planning, management and development system that has led to improved product delivery. Coordinated the acquisition and integration planning process for the asset acquisition of the Chinese company owning domain name.

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"DaggerBoard provides immediate and high-value help and does it seamlessly in the context of how your business is running. An incredible value-add!"

John Mracek - CEO NetSeer

COMPANY NAME:   NetSeer, Inc.

DESCRIPTION:   A venture backed company and developer of next generation contextual on-line advertising performance technology.

CHALLENGE:   Former CEO left unexpectedly and the company needed assistance in defining strategy and launching products to market.

RESULTS:   Operated as interim executive. Developed initial go to market plans for product offering and sold initial solution. Conducted ecosystem analysis of key players in the market and devised long term strategy and product roadmap with executive team. Worked with new CEO in business development role securing key technology partners.

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"We hired Daggerboard to assist us in planning the next phase of our growth plan. Daggerboard quickly and accurately assessed the current situation, assisted our leadership team and board in making some very difficult and complex decisions from a solid basis of facts and figures, and then guided us through the implementation of the recommendations demonstrating great experience, expertise, and insight. At every step of our engagement with Daggerboard, they brought just the right balance of coaching, influencing, hands on implementing, and pushing where necessary to help our team reach the best solution for the decision/challenge of the moment. We would not hesitate to use Daggerboard again and I give them my highest recommendation for any company looking to take their business to the next level."

Major Horton - CFO Nirvanix

COMPANY NAME:   Nirvanix

DESCRIPTION:   A venture backed company and pioneer in cloud storage.

CHALLENGE:   Founding CEO needed assistance with operation and strategy. Board of Directors wanted outside executive assistance and an independent assessment of the team, product and sales direction.

RESULTS:   Recommended organizational and product strategy adjustments. Acted as Interim CEO until permanent CEO was in place.

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"I want you to know that I appreciate the help, advice, and training you put forth to help NoteVault, Inc.. It is a pleasure working with DaggerBoard."

Peter Lasensky - CEO

COMPANY NAME:   NoteVault, Inc.

DESCRIPTION:   NoteVault offers a voice-based field wireless reporting service for the engineering and construction industry.

CHALLENGE:   The CEO needed assistance in developing fund raising materials for growth.

RESULTS:   Created funding pitch deck and one pager, refined financial models and go-to market plans and participated in investor meetings.

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COMPANY NAME:   Precision Information, Inc.

DESCRIPTION:   Early stage company focused on financial education using both on-line and packaged software.

CHALLENGE:   Growth was placing a strain on planning, operational and product development systems and resources.

RESULTS:   stablished an annual goals definition and metrics system that helped balance projects and resources, leading to improved corporate performance. Provided leadership, work flow and process definition for the engineering/IT department, producing improved product quality and uptime.

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"DaggerBoard advice enabled Quantum Retail to set a strategic direction to achieve our business goals for our clients, employees and shareholders. Today, we know where we are going and have processes that our people and clients can count on."

Vicki Raport - CEO Quantum Retail

COMPANY NAME:   Quantum Retail, Inc.

DESCRIPTION:   A fast growing Inc. 500 company that helps the largest retailers in the world reduce inventory costs while growing sales.

CHALLENGE:   The company was lacking a strategic and tactical plan for the future. The founders had overlapping roles; strategies changed frequently and governance was lacking.

RESULTS:   Conducted an initial 2 day strategic executive workshop and subsequently kicked off an executive advisory relationship. Within three months, the company created clear roles for the executives and shortly thereafter produced an achievable Strategic and Tactical Plan.

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DESCRIPTION:   An angel backed technology company providing a gifting platform for social commerce.

CHALLENGE:   Following the initial launch and deployment of the Facebook gift shop, the company needed assistance with funding for expansion and go to market resources with business development.

RESULTS:   Worked with founders to develop long term strategy, investor materials, financial models, and business development activities.

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"We brought in DaggerBoard at the early stages of SciVee to determine if we had a business, and, if so, to help commercialize it. They have helped through the entire start-up process - from defining the market size and opportunity to establishing the go-to-market and product plans to executing the program. We are very pleased to have engaged this experienced team."

Dr. Phil Bourne, Founder

COMPANY NAME:   SciVee, Inc.

DESCRIPTION:   Spinout of early stage science project from UCSD.

CHALLENGE:   Establish and execute a business plan, commercialization approach and funding strategy.

RESULTS:   Assumed interim CEO position. Formulated business and product plan, managed major revision of site, significantly built traffic, brought in VP of business development, established pricing and secured initial customers. Obtained funding through government grants and bootstrap operations.

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COMPANY NAME:   Sentilla

DESCRIPTION:   A venture backed software company that pioneered software for managing energy management within the data center.

CHALLENGE:   CEO was running the day to day operations and needed assistance in developing the materials for a subsequent venture financing round.

RESULTS:   Analyzed the competition and ecosystem, defined market size, refined product plan and financial projections. Worked with executive team to create investor pitch materials that resulted in a new funding.

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"DaggerBoard was recommended by our new investment partner, to help strengthen the management team in a time of change. In an interim executive role, we expected them to integrate with the team quickly and to contribute meaningful results - and they did just that. Their deep software industry and B2B market experience helped us strengthen our Corporate products division both strategically and tactically... The DaggerBoard engagement has paid for itself already, and the impact will persist."

Doug Fowler, President & Co-founder- SpectorSoft Corporation

COMPANY NAME:   SpectorSoft Corporation

DESCRIPTION:   Market leader in PC and Internet monitoring software for home and SMB markets. Recognized for exceptional growth in multiple years as Inc. 500 company.

CHALLENGE:   Interim executive role immediately following private equity investment; seeking to reinforce leadership and expand corporate product revenue.

RESULTS:   Increased average selling price by 50%. Implemented professional sales process and organizational changes as foundational structure for growth. Delivered corporate revenue growth in a difficult 2009 economic climate.

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"DaggerBoard played a key role in getting our software company off the ground! Over a 4 week period, I worked closely with the DaggerBoard team for a funding readiness engagement in advance of seeking our first angel round. They helped me refine our strategy, devise a proper go to market plan and assemble a five year financial model. This really paid off and DaggerBoard completed our angel funding in under 7 weeks. Additionally, they brought together an outstanding group of investors that will help build the business. These guys are the real deal and a must have partner for a software CEO planning to raise capital!"

Gerry Booth, CEO -


DESCRIPTION:   Start up SaaS software company in the automotive sector offering a solution to shorten the loan payoff process, reduce costs and have all parties connected online.

CHALLENGE:   Develop the initial go-to-market strategy, financial models, investor pitch deck and one pager in order to raise angel funding.

RESULTS:   Created investment materials, contacted angel investors from DaggerBoard network and closed round of funding in 7 weeks.

"DaggerBoard has successfully completed engagements with several companies in the Mission Ventures portfolio. They have the experience to balance strategic direction with immediate hands-on results. This is not superficial consulting. They manage and deliver well-defined projects that have been very valuable to our portfolio companies. In each case, the engagements have been positive for both investors and the software executives at the companies."

Dave Ryan - Mission Ventures

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