Services for Executives

Worried your company is not growing fast enough? Looking to secure funding? Thinking of selling your company but don't know if the timing is right? Need to temporarily fill an executive position?

DaggerBoard Advisors can help!

"DaggerBoard jumped in mid-stream and helped us refine our new product plans and go to market strategy. They provided senior software insight and deep domain expertise in our market space. DaggerBoard is adept at prioritizing and confronting the most challenging business issues in a timely manner. They listen well, provide excellent input, and adjust to changing business conditions with ease. I wouldn't hesitate to use them again, and I strongly believe we will get an excellent return on our investment."

Paul Yantus, EVP- Captaris, Inc. (Nasdaq: CAPA, acq. by OTEX)

With decades of CEO and executive experience, the DaggerBoard team can provide hands-on, operational support with committed deliverables for key initiatives such as:

  • Fund raising preparation
  • Market assessment and ecosystem analysis
  • Go To Market strategy
  • Performance review and enhancement
  • Interim executive

For more information see our Performance Enhancement Services and Interim Executive Services descriptions.

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