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Introduction – Our first post to the DaggerBoard Blog

Thursday, February 18th, 2010

Hello everyone and welcome to the DaggerBoard Advisors blog.  I am Dennis Clerke, one of the advisors at DaggerBoard.  Along with my partners, we have been working with a broad array of emerging software companies since we started the company nearly three years ago.  My colleagues and I will be posting here on the blog frequently.  We all look forward to discussing many different topics related to building successful software companies.  We hope you enjoy our posts and find it both informative and entertaining.

As the first post, we thought it would be valuable to share some information on our name – no we are not a bunch of knife throwers…

Why DaggerBoard? What is it and what is the link to your services?

First a confession and some background – some of us at DaggerBoard have a real love for sailing and the name for the business comes from that passion.  For those that may not be as familiar a DaggerBoard is a retractable keel that extends into the water and allows the vessel to stay on course.  See the picture on the right.  When the sailboat reaches the destination, the DaggerBoard can be lifted or removed so that the vessel can comfortably navigate into port.  Like a DaggerBoard, the partners at our firm offer “drop-in” executive services for our clients.  We help set the destination and keep the business on course and when the destination is met, we “retract”.

Operating a successful software business and a high performance sailing yacht have many other similarities.  Just as a sailor would not set out for a destination without the right map, equipment and crew; similarly a successful business cannot operate without the proper understanding of the market, a solid team and a definitive plan for success. At DaggerBoard we help our clients define and execute plans for success and we act as part of the crew to reach the desired destination.

Our Crew

There are a lot of advisory services firms that provide a broad range of services in the market and what really distinguishes DaggerBoard from others is our principals and their experience.  Our entire team has had years of experience at the helm of a emerging software business.  Each engagement is led by a former CEO/entrepreneur that has been through the entire lifecycle of launching, growing, financing and selling software companies.  And like many sailors – we are addicted to the journey and anxious to contribute!  We enjoy working with emerging software companies and actively participating in our clients emerging businesses.

The Log – aka Blog

One last sailing metaphor – think of this as software executive’s logbook – where we will share information about passages and lessons that will allow you to have a safe an enjoyable passage.
Check back to hear more from us and find pertinent advice and perspective on issues and experiences that emerging software companies are facing.